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EASL is a non-scheduled Air Transport Company approved by the Director General of Kenya Civil Aviation (KENYA) to operate within the Republic of Kenya and the region. With its ultra-modern state-of-the-art helicopter (EC 130 B4 Euro copter) backed by modern innovative technology and infrastructure the company ensures the highest standards in operating efficiency for its clients. We are approved Air Service License (ASL) operators approved by KCAA.



We offer non-scheduled Charter Flights Services. We are committed to taking our clients across Kenya and the East African region to their destinations at their pleasure and on their time demands.

The EC 130 B4 Euro copter

Our EC 130 B4 Euro copter has a capacity of 7 people – 6 passengers and the pilot – ensuring passenger comfort with plenty of leg room.

It can fly for three and a half hours before the next re-fueling and can climb up to 20,000 feet above sea level. This places us at an advantage as helicopters are categorized by the number of seats, available payload and water or retardant carrying capability for ease in ordering and dispatching to sites and are contracted as either Call –  When-Needed (CWN) or Exclusive Use (EU).

Our aircraft and personnel are qualified for medical evacuation, rescue missions and aerial surveys teams and these are some of the projected areas of operations.



Investments require professional management at all levels to ensure productivity and growth. Exclusive Air Services Limited staff are well grounded in the industry backed by trusted experience from their many years of service.

The company has put in place efficient and effective systems within the departments of Finance, Operations, Sales, Business Development and Administration to support the business process of the company and deliver on the company’s mission of providing quality service that exceeds the expectations of its esteemed customers.

Captain Evans Sigilai - Exclusive Air Services

Evans Sigilai


Winnie Jerono

Sales and Operations

Tajinder Dhamu


Tessie Musalia

Chief Executive Officer